Tree Stands and Tree Care

Tree Care Tips

To get the most out or your tree, we suggest the following:

As soon as you get home, cut 1 to 2 cm off the base of the tree (or score with a sharp knife) to refresh the cut and allow the tree to drink water (it will behave just like a bunch of flowers, possibly droop initially then perk up.
Place the tree in water immediately, even if you are not ready to set it up
Use clean fresh water.Additives not necessary but, a very little bit of lemon juice or vinegar helps inhibit bacteria growth 
Any wilting will usually disappear within 24 hours
Ensure that the tree never runs out of water (it will draw 2 to 4 litres of  water each day in the first few days, depending on the size and type)
The tree ideally should not be placed in direct hot sun by a window.  Very few needles are lost if watering is kept up

To get your real Christmas Tree home safely we offer an optional tree wrapping service. Alternatively bring your own tarpaulin.

Wrapping your tree:

Allows you to get them in and out of the car much more easily
Protects your tree on your way home
Suggestion to simplify setting the tree up:- Place (firmly) your stand on tree while laying down.  Put tree upright, fill water trough and keep

A Bale/wrapping fee is $5.00