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Radiata Pine. Poplular very fragrant NZ Favourite - 

Arizona Blue Ice.  Very Citrus/pine fragrance, Hardy,  frosty-silver/blue- 

White Fir.  Long lasting, evergreen, sweet fragrance, silver/green soft foliage.  Good for alergy suffers - 

Norway Spruce/Surbian Spruce.  Traditional Northern Hemisphere festive trees. earthy sweet frangrance, great for heavy ornaments.  

Douglas/ Fraser Fir. soft dark green/blue foliage, pine/citrus fragrance popular traditional christmas tree.  

Colorado Blue SpruceNorth American favourite, Strong silvery blue needles, Fresh pine like fragrance, Good for heavy ornaments

Cedar, spicy fragrant, grassy green Ethereal and graceful looking tree, great with fairy lights and delicate ornaments. 

Leyland Cypress, Dark green foliage, very compact and impressive, moderately fragrant, A corporate favourite for celebrating Christmas festivities.