Guideline for prices

Radiata Pine. Poplular very fragrant NZ Favourite - Premium Pines ranging $80 up to $250 for the giant size.  We will have other pines trees from $50

Arizona Blue Ice.  Very Citrus/pine fragrance, Hardy,  frosty-silver/blue- Premium Blue Ice ranging $175.00 up to $250 for larger sizes.  We will have some at $150

Silver Fir.  Long lasting, evergreen, sweet fragrance, silver/green soft foliage.  Good for alergy suffers - Premium ranging $160 up to $230 for large size.  We will have some at $140

Norway Spruce/Surbian Spruce.  Traditional Northern Hemisphere festive trees. earthy sweet frangrance, great for heavy ornaments.  Premium ranging $160 up to $250 for large.  We will have some from $140.

Douglas/ Fraser Fir. soft dark green/blue foliage, pine/citrus fragrance popular traditional christmas tree.  Premium ranging from $175 up to $250.  there may be some from $150.

Colorado Blue SpruceNorth American favourite, Strong silvery blue needles, Fresh pine like fragrance, Good for heavy ornaments range $140 to $180.  We will have some mini well shaped stock for smaller areas from $60.

Cedar, spicy fragrant, grassy green Ethereal and graceful looking tree, great with fairy lights and delicate ornaments. Ranging from $150 up to $200

Leyland Cypress, Dark green foliage, very compact and impressive, moderately fragrant, A corporate favourite for celebrating Christmas festivities.  Ranging from $175 to $280 for extra large size.

We do have a few limited other varieties available which will be priced accordingly